Overview Of The Sky Habitat In Singapore

If you will be traveling to Singapore in the next few months, you might want to stop by what is called the Sky Habitat. It is a unique building, one that was inspired to cater to those that appreciate architecturally distinctive creations. Not only does it have a unique appearance, there is a swimming pool on the 38th floor, directly on the rooftop. It will provide you with incredible panoramic views of the city and park. There are also picnic areas at the top, and even places that you can plant a garden. Here is an overview of this incredible structure which has transformed Bishan in Singapore.

What Inspired Its Creation?

The inspiration for this structure was something called Habitat 67. It is a landmark structure that is located in Montréal Canada. It was designed to create a unique take on city fringe living, literally redefining how people can live in apartments. It is designed with a modern appeal, with form and functionality, that simply has no compare. It is a structure that will likely inspire others that see it to create something similar. By incorporating modern apartment construction with the ability to experience nature, it is a place that you may want to consider living.

Different Floor Plans That Are Available

There are several different floor plans that are available, depending upon the size of the apartment and where it is located at the facility. They have one bedroom apartments, all the way up to four bedroom apartments, as well as penthouse options. You can choose to live in one of them based upon the view that you will have, and also what floor it will be on. Each one is priced accordingly, based upon square footage, and its location in the Sky Habitat. If you are thinking about moving to Singapore, specifically in the Bishan area, you will certainly want to consider this modern apartment complex as a potential candidate for your new place to live.